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Curaplex® Peak Flow Meter

Manufacturer: Curaplex
Regulated product

The Curaplex®® PFM provides patients with an economical solution for accurate peak flow monitoring. Designed for use by both adults and children, it is calibrated to current ATS/NAEPP* standards set by the American Thoracic Society (ATS) and the National Asthma Educational Prevention Program (NAEPP). It exceeds all performance criteria for accuracy, repeatability and inter-device variability.

  • Individually calibrated
  • Handle prevents accidental blocking of flow slide
  • Handle folds for increased portability and convenience
  • Pre-installed colored zone markers allow for easy positioning
  • Can be used with three- or four-zone management programs
  • Flow rate of 60-720 L/min at 10 L/min increments
  • Optional Windmill Trainer designed as a training aid to develop good Peak Expiratory Flow technique in young children
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