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ReddyPort is an innovation that enables oral access for better non-invasive ventilation care without interrupting patient therapy.

Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is the first line of therapy in respiratory insufficiency or failure, commonly seen with COPD, CHF1,2, Asthma3, Pneumonia4, or ARDS5. In addition, NIV is utilized to wean patients off mechanical ventilation. However, many patients struggle to tolerate NIV therapy because the mask causes dry-mouth, phlegm build-up, and difficulty communicating6-8. Mask intolerance is a major cause of NIV failure9. NIV failure can result in increased length of stay and poor outcomes.

Patient discomfort often results in the removal of the mask by clinicians or patients in order to provide relief. However, this may lead to alveolar collapse10 and worsening respiratory status. Frequent removal and replacement of the mask can lead to improper fitting that can cause pressure injuries.

ReddyPort products promote NIV success by helping improve tolerance, empower clinicians and patients with simplified oral access while maintaining therapeutic pressure without mask removal.

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ReddyPort features a proprietary elbow with self-sealing valve that provides access to the patient’s mouth. ReddyPort Elbow, in combination with ReddyPort™ NIV Maintenance products, allows cleaning and moisturization of the patient’s mouth without mask removal.

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ReddyPort NIV Maintenance Kit includes everything needed for oral hygiene to keep the patient’s mouth clean and moisturized, without the risk and time required to remove the patient’s mask.

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ReddyPort Microphone and Controller empower patients to speak up and share their needs. For clinicians and family members, it helps reduce the frustration that comes from not being able to hear the patient behind the mask, especially during a life-threatening illness.

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Being able to clean the mouth is such a blessing. She cannot be removed from the mask because of shortness of breath. We are very happy.”

- Patient's family

Adult Female with Respiratory Failure from Pneumonia/Pulmonary Edema, DNI status

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