Due to unprecedented demand and global supply disruptions as a result of COVID-19, your order may be delayed and you may experience longer than normal wait times when calling Customer Care. Contact us by email at or reach out to your Account Manager for additional service options.

Important Notice – Additional terms may apply to your order:

  • Items denoted as *Non-Returnable* are unable to be returned or cancelled from this order. If a change is required, please contact Customer Care within 24 hours of receipt of this notice to make any necessary adjustments.
  • In addition, supply restrictions may be implemented for certain high demand items resulting in partial order fulfillment. We will fill the remaining balance of your order as sufficient inventory arrives from our supplier partners. For more information on restricted items, please contact your Account Manager.


5/8/20 Update:

We have been a dedicated servant of the hospital community for over 45 years, and we have always held ourselves to the highest standards. At Tri-anim, our mission is to be the best partner for those who save and improve patients’ lives. A lot goes into the decisions we make as a company as we strive to fulfill our mission every day and even more so during the Coronavirus pandemic. Below is a bit of the framework for how we are making decisions on behalf of our customers, employees and supplier partners. We intend to take the long view and always consider health and safety above all else as we do our part to help keep healthcare moving.

As cities and states moved to lock down their communities, we shut down our offices March 13th and shifted our entire office based workforce to a work from home environment in less than 3 days. To help protect the workers in our warehouses, we followed CDC guidelines as well as specific state and local government recommendations. This has enabled us to keep all of our warehouses fully operational, working 7 days a week with extra shifts to meet the increased demand. In short, we are taking care of our teams so you have the products to take care of patients in need.

In the last 2 weeks of March, we saw unprecedented demand surges for several items. Steady demand for Covid-19-related items continues and we are working with our supplier partners to bring in additional inventory and clear out backorders as quickly as possible. We have increased our orders to suppliers and are working to expedite shipments where possible; however, certain items remain on backorder and may be on allocation as well.

In the face of supply disruptions and unprecedented demand, Tri-anim is committed to maintaining ethical and responsible pricing practices. You can always expect us to operate with principles of high integrity and customer care – under all conditions. We have earned our reputation as a trusted and valued partner to hospitals through decades of passionate service with the highest ethical standards.

Looking forward, we know our work is not nearly over. Know that the entire Tri-anim team is committed to working tirelessly to serve the needs of healthcare providers every day and we will continue to give maximum effort toward supplying the critical products needed for patient care. Thank you for taking care of our communities. 


5/6/20 Update:

For more information about the role of distributors during the COVID-19 pandemic, please refer to this document: HIDA-FAQ-COVID-19-Personal-Protective- Equipment-PPE.pdf.


4/17/20 Update:

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, Tri-anim continues to see strong demand for COVID-19 related products. Based on global supply challenges, we are experiencing intermittent and rolling backorders and declining inventory for certain products due to manufacturer delays and supply chain issues. While these challenges are common across our industry, Tri-anim is working with our supplier partners on ways to mitigate these circumstances to better serve you.

Tri-anim continues to work with urgency to support inventory replenishment of critical products by closely monitoring inventory levels and working with our supplier partners to ensure supply. Many of our supplier partners are responding to the increased demand by expanding production in their manufacturing facilities. We have also been collaborating with our supplier and transportation partners to expedite shipments to further shorten lead times for you.

All of Tri-anim’s warehouses are fully operational, receiving incoming shipments from suppliers and making outgoing shipments to customers. Out of an abundance of caution, we have taken measures to sanitize our warehouses and we continue to implement best practices for disease prevention at those locations, as outlined by the CDC. Warehouse employees have been provided with personal protection equipment for their safety, and the safety of our customers. Rest assured, should any one of our warehouses be compromised, shipments can continue to flow through our nationwide network of warehouses.

We have expanded our Customer Care team to further assist you with your orders and help you with any backorders. In certain cases, we may not have an ETA from our supplier partner on when inventory is coming in, but as supply stabilizes, your Account Manager or a member of our Customer Care team will share additional information with you. Your Tri-anim Account Manager can also consult with you on alternate product solutions if needed.

We know this is a difficult and unsettling time for everyone working on the front lines battling COVID-19. Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists and all healthcare professionals play such a critical role in fighting this virus – we sincerely appreciate everything you are doing for us all!


3/31/20 Update:

As a Tri-anim customer, serving you during these challenging times is our primary focus, and we have taken steps to ensure you have access to quality products at a fair price.

Product Availability

We are proactively working with our supplier partners to keep inventory levels healthy and are taking all available measures to ensure our distribution facilities remain operational. Many of our supplier partners are working to increase production and manufacturing capacity. Nevertheless, COVID-19 has created unprecedented demand for certain products as well as delays and disruptions impacting our supply chain. Please work directly with your Account Manager to address any backorders and future ordering needs.

Product Quality

We take this pandemic very seriously and it is our responsibility and expectation that all of our products meet strict U.S. regulatory guidelines. Our focus continues to be on innovative, high quality / high value respiratory and critical care products from some of the best brands in the market. In addition to working with our current supplier partners, we are evaluating potential new sources for products experiencing the greatest demand. All potential new products are reviewed to ensure they meet FDA requirements as well as industry standards. For product related COVID-19 guidance, we advise customers to consult their facility infection control protocols and/or refer to CDC, AARC and ASA recommendations available via the web.

Product Price

You have likely heard stories around the industry about companies who have raised prices on critical products that are in short supply. Be assured that Tri-anim would never partake in this practice. In accordance with Tri-anim’s mission to be the best partner for those who save and improve patients’ lives, we have proactively taken the stance that we will be maintaining price integrity across all of our product lines.

Thank you for your continued trust in Tri-anim and know that we are committed to helping you through these difficult times.