VersaPAP Positive Airway Pressure Device


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The VersaPAP device amplifies the supplied air (or oxygen) by 4 times. It helps increase the amount of air being inhaled, and decreases the work of breathing. The goal of therapy is generally to improve airway clearance, increase gas exchange and improve lung volumes.

The Monaghan Advantage:

  • Manometer provides immediate feedback
  • Suitable for flows from 5-15L/min, generating pressures of 6 to 32cm H2O
  • Easy monitoring of desired airway pressure
  • One kit, simplifying inventory
  • Designed to help reduce noise
  • Can be combined with prescribed oxygen therapy
  • Easy to use for better patient compliance
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VersaPAP Positive Airway Pressure Device

VersaPAP Positive Airway Pressure Device


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