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Compression Set, 200ml Reservoir and Syringe

ACTion Pain Pump Compression Sets - AMBU INC.

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From $879.99 CA

Introducer, 4in Peel Away

Introducer, 4in Peel Away - AMBU INC.

Catheter introducer for the Ambu pain pumps.

$279.99 CA

ACTion™ Fuser Pain Pump 400ml, 5-15ml/hr, Dual 140mm Cut-to-Size Catheters, 6 in Introducers, Flow Splitter, Prosit

ACTion Fuser Pain Pumps 400ml - AMBU INC.

Action™ Fuser Pain Pump is a disposable, latex free pain pump that is mainly designed to give consistent and customized pain therapy through surgical site infiltration therapy (SSI).

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From $1,299.99 CA

Catheter Set, 190mm cut-to-size, Prosit, 9in Introducer, Double Sterile Pouch

Catheters, for Ambu Pain Pumps - AMBU INC.

Catheters and catheter sets for Ambu pain pumps.

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From $1,549.99 CA


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