Flexible Bronchoscopes

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aScope™ 3 Flexible Bronchoscope

aScope™ 3 Flexible Bronchoscope - AMBU INC.

The single-use nature of aScope? 3 challenges conventions in flexible airway endoscopy: In contrast to the reusable scopes, aScope 3 is always available, cost-efficient and sterile straight from the pack.

$1,779.99 BX

aScope™ 3 Large Flexible Bronchoscope

aScope™ 3 Large Flexible Bronchoscope - AMBU INC.

aScope? 3 Large is a single-use flexible scope that once and for all solves the problem of availability and risk of cross-contamination, simplifies bedside bronchoscopy procedures and eliminates the needs and costs of cleaning and repairs.

$1,999.99 BX


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