GO2VENT Surgical Center Kit


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The GO2VENT Surgical Center Kit is an ideal short-term emergency ventilation kit for any ambulatory or endoscopy center.Features:

  • Meets CMS "Emergency Equipment" 416.44(c) (1)-(9) mandate for mechanical ventilatory assistance equipment
  • Meets FDA and ASTM guidelines for gas-powered, automatic resuscitators
  • Disposable ventilator for short term emergency backup ventilation
  • Train your staff by meeting 416.44(d) "Emergency Personnel" requirements
  • Easy set up with the training materials

Kit includes (Order No. 5050):

  • 3ea - GO2VENT model 6123
  • 1 ea– Oxygen regulator (RG-2162)
  • 1 ea– Training CD
  • 1 ea– Test lung
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GO2VENT Surgical Center Kit

GO2VENT Surgical Center Kit


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