Percussive Neb 2.0


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VORTRAN® Medical has researched and developed superior devices to clear patients’ airways of secretions.  Patients with cystic fibrosis, COPD, post-op atelectasis and others requiring mucus clearance can breathe more comfortably and effectively after using the PercussiveNEB® 2.0 device.  This high frequency intrapulmonary percussive nebulizer device is a single-patient-use percussor, which makes it possible for individuals to receive multiple high frequency treatments while using the same device. Other percussive devices need to be cleaned between patients and also require waiting for the equipment to become available.  These delays do not occur with the PercussiveNEB® 2.0 device.

  • Easy to use with quick set-up time
  • Patient initiates and controls the percussion levels
  • Can be used by patients in the hospital or in the home
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Percussive Neb 2.0

Percussive Neb 2.0


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