Philips AF541 Face Mask

Designed to rest comfortably on the face, the AF541 noninvasive ventilation (NIV) mask features interchangeable under-the-nose (UTN) and over-the-nose (OTN) cushions.


It maximizes oxygen delivery and provides end tidal capnography monitoring for increased patient safety.

Maxtec Maxblend 2

Maxtec combines their advanced air/O2 blending technology with their globally acclaimed oxygen monitoring technology.

Ambu® aScope™ 4 Broncho

The single-use nature of aScope™ 4 Broncho challenges conventions in bronchoscopy: It is always available, cost-efficient and sterile straight from the pack.

Aerobika® OPEP Device

Aerobika® OPEP can be used in conjunction with any small volume nebulizer with a 22mm adapter and incorporates a high-flow or low-flow range.

Flexicare VentiMyst® Adult

VentiMyst® Advanced Active Humidification delivers absolute humidity and manages excess rain-out.

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